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About StarChip®

StarChip® is a dynamic semiconductor company part of the IDEMIA Group.
StarChip® delivers root of trust products to build digital connected solutions and services. Our Secure Elements are based on state-of-the-art, flash-based 32-bit architectures. They are designed to offer maximum integration, providing support for embedded, innovative security technologies, analog functionality, connectivity and control interfaces. The result is a flexible and secure set of solutions that can easily meet the requirements of a wide variety of markets, including smart card, secure IoT, mobile, consumer, and several industrial applications.

A Vision of Global Leadership

StarChip® is committed to becoming a powerful competitive force in the semiconductor industry, utilizing the most cost-effective business model—without compromising on security, performance and quality. We are focused on serving a global marketplace of customers who are developing secure applications and services that require advanced security technology. To achieve this vision, StarChip® is employing a “win-win” strategy that is designed to unlock benefits not only for our organization, but also for our customers. StarChip® is making its vision a reality by:

  • Providing highest security platform design to ensure secure content and secure connectivity
  • Creating outstanding value through partnerships with our customers