Quality Policy

Our goal is to allow our customers to be provided with defect-free products through a supply chain fully qualified by our own. To achieve this goal we have built quality into every aspect of our business, and extended our commitment to long-term customer satisfaction through a broad array of support services.
We are proud to offer service of an IC expert team that is fully dedicated to supporting our customers throughout the entire product lifecycle.
We fulfill customer expectations by providing access to products that we designed for required performance, quality and cost.
We make sure permanently and monitor that the highest standards of quality are applied by our qualified manufacturing subcontractors.
Our manufacturing subcontractors are certified ISO14001 and they operate under the supervision of dedicated teams.

Quality System

StarChip is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified

Our system relies on solid foundations and practices.
Our organization is oriented to excellence at every level of responsibility by seasoned senior management from the semiconductor industry.
We have setup a healthy work environment and we have a continuous improvement culture.
We are regularly auditing our subcontractors to make sure they have the same goal of quality. Our customers may request to have their own audit, provided this is well organized in advance with our qualified subcontractors.
We contract only prominent, superior facilities registered to ISO 9001:2008, TS 16949, ISO 14001, and similar standards.
All internal operation processes are specified according to JEDEC standard recommendations.
We are commited to delivering the highest quality service.
To demonstrate this commitment, Starchip is implementing the most rigorous quality assurance procedure throughout all its development and business processes.

Product Quality

Quality Process
Product qualification at StarChip® is based on JEDEC JESD47 recommendations which cover life test, early failure rate calculation, endurance cycling and retention for the embedded flash memories, ESD, Latch-up and package related tests. StarChip® works closely with expert external laboratories to achieve these tests.

The process flow followed by StarChip® products before entering production is illustrated in Figure 1 below:

The product release phase is the final step to qualify the product for production with a target level of quality and yield.
The prototype, once it is validated, must be characterized using specific “corner” lots in the target foundry so that extreme variations of wafer processing conditions can be exercised. This process experiment will assess possible drop in the product test yield.

Quality Improvement

Product Release Flow
StarChip Product Release At StarChip®, our product engineering team has set up a close relationship with our partners encompassing process improvement at all steps of the fabrication (Wafer fabrication, Test, Assembly).
All the activities related to such improvements can be shared with our customers on a confidential basis.
On particular, at StarChip®, we are organized to analyze all reported product failures experienced by our customers, to determine the root cause, and propose the necessary corrective and preventive actions.

Green Policy

We preserve the environment and our safety and we are committed in using and promoting the use of natural resources in a safe and rational way.
We are concerned with the effects on the environment and the implications in our safety since the development phase of our processes.
We rent a BBC low-energy-building and our waste is collected and recycled.