Starchip SIM products


The SIM market is one of the world’s largest in terms of volume. Customers in this competitive marketplace demand highly effective SIM controllers, as well as short lead times and maximum reliability. Meeting this challenging combination of demands requires innovative business and technical approaches that can control costs, without compromising performance.

Optimized in Every Aspect : Performances, Cost and Porting Effort

StarChip® carefully selects the most advanced technologies and IPs available to optimize the design of its SIM Controllers. The result is the SCF Family that fully encompass the Telecom Smart Card ICs market.

The SCF Family is the answer to today’s challenge on getting very cost effective SIM controllers thanks to :

  • High performance CORTUS APS3 Architecture (32-bit at 8-bit cost)
  • Optimized die size with Highest Density Memory (SST Embedded Flash)
  • Optimized Code Porting cost using the same 32-bit CORTUS APS3 Architecture from Native SIM to High End SIM NFC and eSE/eSIM/eUICC
  • Optimized card manufacturing cost with TurboSecure software uploading
  • Optimized cost value chain through Direct purchase from foundries
  • Dual silicon sourcing HHGrace and UMC

From a volume driven market to highly secure eSE/eSIM/eUICC products

With Flash densities ranging from 136 Kbytes to 1,5 Mbytes, the SCF family offers products covering the Native market alongside with products for USIM Java Card, LTE, High End SIM NFC and eSE/eSIM/eUICC applications.
The SCF family has been designed to meet advanced security (including CC-EAL5+ certification level level for SCF1536) and performance requirements. It uses the same 32-bit CORTUS APS3 Architecture to increase flexibility, processing power and to minimize the porting effort.



  • High-performance 32-bit CORTUS APS3
  • Up to 33Mips@33Mhz
  • Advanced low power modes

Flash Memory:

  • Fully flash-based with SST SuperFlash
  • Robust data retention (> 25years)
  • Up to 100 Kcycles for Native products
  • Up to 500 Kcycles for Java products


  • Operating Temp. -25°C to 85°C


  • Secured Memory
  • TurboSecure Uploading System
  • High resistance to cloning
  • Secure Lifecycle management
  • Invicte Crypto Engine (SCF1536)
  • EMVCo / EAL5+ (SCF1536)

Development Tools:

  • StarBox Real-Time Emulator
  • Complete Development Suite


  • Our SIM controllers can be delivered in wafer form, sawn dies on frame, module or MFF2 package.

Product Offering:

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